About FeedNC

FireResQ supports FeedNC and the Mooresville Soup Kitchen family’s commitment to “providing a hot meal for those in need.” Having over 450 regular volunteers, as well as serving approximately 150 guests each day, FireResQ has been able to support the community of downtown Mooresville in a variety of ways through FeedNC – including donating time, resources, and services to anyone who needs help.

About Food For Days

FireResQ volunteers locally through Food For Days. Through shopping, packing, and distributing backpacks for children who are unable to afford lunch at their schools, FireResQ supports “churches and schools across two districts.” Today, Food For Days serves 17 schools and over 400 students.

About Trees For Food Drive

In 2013, FireResQ decided to turn recycling Christmas trees into charity. With the help of FireHoseDirect employees, FireResQ recruited volunteers for two weekends to donate their time. By creating Trees4FoodDrive.com, we were able to allow patrons to register in advance to have their Christmas tree picked up in exchange for donations to the Mooresville Soup Kitchen. In our final year of operation, we collected over $3,000 in total donations.