About 911 Wipes

911Wipes was developed by firefighters for firefighters.

Started in 2022, 911Wipes was developed to create an alcohol-free, oversized, textured, disposable no-residue soap wipe for firefighters.

According to the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), wiping down skin areas such as hands, neck, face and jaw at the fire scene can help reduce the risk of coming into contact with PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Studies conducted testing for PAHs found that using simple soap-based wipes after being in a toxic environment can reduce exposure by up to 54%.

Wipes like these are required to be stored and carried on all fire apparatuses in the U.S. and are used by many other emergency field services such as law enforcement. After completing our own tests with surveyors, construction workers, landscapers and even recreational athletes, we realized 911Wipes can be an effective post-activity wipe for a wide variety of applications. This prompted us to ultimately offer the same quality product to the general public.

911Wipes is committed to firefighter safety and helping firefighters steer clear of hazardous materials.